About Moving Help Price

It is difficult to standardize the moving help price as it is subject to different circumstances like moving distance, size and weight of goods, number of stairs (in case lift is not available). Depend on each specific condition, the price will be quoted by individual driver.
As more and more customers need moving help, Lalamove is trying to standardize the price for better communication between the customers and drivers. Below please find the factors affecting the price and the quotation reference:
2 Main Factors
The number of order each driver can complete is directly correlated to to their daily income. Therefore, a driver will quote the moving help price based on 2 factors below:
  • Total TIME consumed: waiting time during move in/ out, number of turns required...etc.
  • Level of DIFFICULTY: moving distance, number of stairs, weight & size of goods/ merchandise, require extra manpower…etc.
Assume the car park and destination are nearby the elevator, no extra time is required for move in/ out and there is no slope on the way, the following price could be taken as reference:
Type Price for single door Example
Light Goods / per item $40-60 A4 Box, Laptop, etc.
One Trolley $50-100 Goods at the capacity of a trolley
Mini Furniture or Electronics/ per item $250-400 Small furniture, washing machine, small fridge…etc.
Price above is quoted based on single door, price for door to door service will be doubled; please note that price above doesn\'t include delivery fee, parking, toll fee, etc.